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Scar Revision

Scars may result from healing by secondary intention following trauma,surgery or infection. Scars following surgery can widen or hypertrophy and may look ungainly. Scars may also result from infected acne or chicken pox.

All healing leads to some scarring. Some of the wounds may heal with a very fine scar while other might give rise to bad wide or hypertrphied scars which may be obvious from a distance. While it is impossible to remove scars complitely ,they can be significantly improved and made much less noticieable. This process of surgery is called scar revision.

Various techniques are utilized to revise a scar. It include simple ellipticle excision, Z-plasties, W- plasties ,falp advancements etc. In some wide scars it may be necessary to bring some skin graft or flap to cover the defect.

Some time scar may require several stages to revise it.

Tissue expansion- for large an wide scars this tecnique of tissue expansion is used. A silicon balloon is placed under the surrounding skin with a port placed under the skin for inflation. Normal saline (fluid) is injected in the ballon through the port.