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Congenital Anomalies

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Various kinds of external congenital anomalies are treated by plastic surgery. Hand Anomalies Hypospadias Epispadias Foot Anomalies Female Genital Anomalies

Post Burn Contractions

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Contra cline of face, needy axilla, elbow, fingers, knee, ankle & feet can be connected by plastic surgery. Hypertrophied scars, depigmounted scars and ungainly skin can also be treated by plastic surgery.


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Modern treatment of acute burn with sterile environment, resuscitation, intensive monitoring, tangential excision and skin grafting ,skin bank, cultured and artificial skins. Facilities for hydrotherapy & dressing are also available .Burns can now be managed in much efficient way with modern technology of treatment.

Aesthetic Surgery/Cosmetic Surgery

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The hospital is equipped with most modern equipment and facilities for modern aesthetic surgery. Dr Subodh Kumar Singh has recovered extensive training in aesthetic surgery in India and abroad. Following cosmetic surgery procedure is currently being performed in the hospital. Scar revision Mole, nacres removal Face Lift Brow Lift Rhinoplasty Fillers Botox Breast augmentation Breast […]