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Pressure Sore

Categories :Procedures

Pressure sore result from prolonged pressure in any part of the body. This usually occurs in debilitated or unconscious patients or paralised patients whose position is not changed frequently. It can occur in any part of the body ,from occiput (head) to heals. Common site for pressure sore are buttocks,sacral area and lateral parts of thighs, trchanteric areas and ischial tuberosity area when patients sit for long time.

Prevention of pressure sore- frequent change of posture is the most effective way of preventing pressure sores. The posture should be changed in less than two hours. Skin should be cleaned with soap and water and should be messaged frequently using some oil for lubrication. Spirit and powder should not be used to clean the skin .It can make the skin dry and make it more prone to injury. Rubber rings should not be used. Ripple beds water beds or air fludized beds may be used ,but they are NOT a substitute to frequent changing of posture.

Many established pressure sore need surgical intervention. Theulcer is excided ,sometimes along with the prominent bony part and the wound is covered with a flap.